ING Corporate Card Programme

Individual Pay

Employee application

This form should be completed by both the Programme Administrator and the nominated employee. If you have not already signed up for the ING Corporate Card Programme you will need to complete and return an ING Corporate Card Programme Company application form as well.

Would you prefer to fill in the form on paper?


1. Company data

To be completed by the ING Corporate Card Programme Administrator

  1. 11 Digit reference number shown on the top of the company statement
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2. Employee Information

  1. Maximum 21 characters (including spaces)
  2. The login credentials for the ING Commercial Card portal will be send to this e-mail address. No email address from a colleague or a general email address such as info@, admin@, etc.
  3. dd-mm-yyyy
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3. Card limit and blocking

To be completed by the Programme Administrator

    1. Minimal 1.500 (currency determined by the company in the original ING Corporate Card Programme application form)
    1. Applicable to both ATM and over the counter
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4. Signature of Programme Administrator

I declare that I established the identity of the Cardholder on the basis of a valid identity document

  1. dd-mm-yyyy
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5. Mailing address and what to send

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